Aviation Day 2016 : Become a Pilot

Friday, August 19, 2016

"Learning to fly is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding activities you could do. Imagine taking to the skies and flying high above the bustle of the world, taking yourself and your friends and family to places in half the amount of time it would take in a car. Sometimes flying General Aviation (GA) is even faster than taking the airlines - and you don’t have to stand in long security lines. You may see that flying yourself to that important business meeting justifies earning your pilot’s license. Or, you may find that it just doesn’t get better than simply taking an airplane up on a summer evening to fly “low & slow” over the countryside. It takes commitment – there’s no doubt about that. But after you’ve reached your goal, you will soon see that the sky, when it comes to GA flying, is quite literally the limit."

 Matt Gabbard, AirMart Ferry Pilot and CFII
Becoming a pilot does not need to be a dream unrealized.
Learn more about the steps it takes to become a pilot: the FAA offers a break down and explanations of the entire licensing process. 
One common concern and are flight school costs.  Boldmethod offers 8 Ways To Keep Your Flight Training Costs Under Control.
Pilots looking to take the next step into aircraft ownership should give AirMart a call.  We can make your transaction seamless, and help get you into the right the aircraft for your mission.
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