Aviation Day 2016 : Explore the Future

Thursday, August 18, 2016

With aviation, even the sky is not a limit.  From dreams of flight, to the reality of space travel, aviation has progressed with incredible speed.  The industry is constantly developing, and creating dynamic change to the we way travel and view the world.

Here are just a sampling of some ways aviation is looking towards the future:

While technology and science are progressing into amazing and unchartered terrietories, it must be noted that there is an expected shortage of pilots.  In a study done by University of North Dakota’s Aviation Department, the pilot deficit will reach 15,000 by 2026.  The future of aviation lies in investing in new pilots. 

We mentioned ways to become a part of the aviation community- sharing these experiences with family and friends, especially interested youth are key to fostering the spirit of aviation. The organization, the Young Eagles also works to continue this mission by providing youth ages 8–17 their first free ride in an airplane.

Actor and former Young Eagles chairman Harrison Ford took Jodie Gawthrop, 16, on the 2 millionth Young Eagles flight at Oshkosh this week.