Aviation Day 2016 : Share your Enthusiasm

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How to Share your Enthusiasm

Aviation is not just for pilots; there are many ways to be a part of the aviation community.

One activity recommended by NASA’s Jim Banke is having a plane spotting picnic near an airport.  Minding any security restrictions and signs, load up some snacks and find a great viewing spot (every airport seems to the “perfect spot” and half the fun is finding yours) for an afternoon of plane spotting. See how many different types of airplanes you can count or identify; most airports will have a regular rotation of private, military, and airline aircraft.  Grab some binoculars, bring a scanner radio and listen in on air traffic control.

This wikiHow page offers some helpful plane spotting tips.

The AirMart parking lot is a favorite plane spotting location at KLEX.  We love getting to see enthusiasts of all ages enjoying the view.


Follow Your Airport on Social Media

See what’s happening at your airport by following your airport on social media- from dignitaries to cheering on your favorite team as they land, the latest art installations, and blood drives, your airport is probably the local cultural mecca you might not have realized.  Knowing when events are happening is the first step in joining the aviation community.  Joining in is the second!