Aviation Day 2016 : Education

Monday, August 15, 2016

Celebrate National Aviation Day with AirMart! We aren’t just taking the day; we’re celebrating all week long.

“To maintain our country's global leadership in aviation, as well as in other disciplines, today's students must advance their skills in science, technology, education, and math (STEM). STEM is essential to the employment of future generations, and it's the key to a strong economic future.”  Source

AirMart's home state of Kentucky is all about aviation. Our number one export in 2015 was manufacturing aviation and aerospace products.  Aviation education is also one of the great products of our state. Space Science, Professional Flight, and Aviation Maintenance Technology are just three of the dedicated higher education programs in Kentucky schools.  These programs host a multitude of supporting areas of study, whether your interests are Astronomy or Aerospace, there is a way to make your love of aviation your career.

Learn more about these great progams:

Eastern Kentucky University

Choose concentrations in Professional Flight, Aerospace Management, or Aerospace Technology (AT) for EKU’s Bachelor of Science degree. Besides a general aviation core, aviation students are required to take supporting courses in mathematics, statistics, physics, and business management. Graduates of the program are professionally prepared for all facets of the aerospace and aviation industry to include piloting, flight instruction, aviation management, and aerospace technology.

EKU 'Zero-to-Hero' Pathway to the Flight Deck

Nearly 500,000 pilots will be needed over the next 20 years. To meet that extraordinary need, Eastern Kentucky University now boasts the nation’s first FAA-approved 1,000-hour power, 2+2 degree pathway, and it is easily accessible across the Commonwealth.


The Department of Earth and Space Sciences is a multi-disciplinary unit encompassing degree programs in astrophysics, geology and earth systems science and space science, Morehead State University's Program of Distinction. As a student in our department, you will play a direct role in conducting fundamental research in areas such as astronomy, geology and applied research in space systems development. Whether your interest is the ground beneath your feet or the stars overhead, MSU offers a science program for you.


With the rapid growth and technology advancements in the aviation field, there is a huge demand for certified Aviation Maintenance Technicians. These individuals perform a variety of duties to repair and maintain our nation’s aircraft. Aviation Maintenance Technicians are responsible for maintaining this vital means of transportation. Somerset Community College offers a two-year degree or diploma program in Aviation Maintenance Technology.

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