Piper Aircraft: A Natural Progression

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Since its inception in 1927, Piper Aircraft has driven the market by providing a perfect balance of function and value. Piper aircraft have the horsepower to get you where you’re going as well as features like advanced sound proofing, cabins and seating designed with passenger comfort in mind. But the passenger experience is not Piper’s only focus. Piper is also designed for the pilot.  From a single-engine Warrior to a business class Matrix, pilots can expect a seamless progression of ownership. Choosing a Piper as your first-time aircraft can take you from trainer to cabin class with a natural ease.

Piper Entry and Intermediate Class

Learning to fly in a Piper has distinct advantages.  Standard features are consistent across aircraft models allowing students to learn specific aircraft components while maintaining a familiarity with the aircraft.  A pilot can experience flying with the same cockpit layout, power controls, and flap mechanisms while moving to advanced features like retractable gear, and constant speed propellers.      


Entry Level Pipers: Archer, Warrior, Dakota

Intermediate Class: Arrow, Saratoga, 6-300, Lance



Piper Multi Engine and Cabin Class

When intermediate class aircraft no longer meet your pleasure and business travel needs, Piper offers multi-engine and cabin class aircraft.  For example, Piper’s Malibu series builds to meet your mission.  Looking for high power and space? The Matrix boasts a 350hp engine and large cabin with storage.  Take all the benefits of the Matrix, and add pressurization and you have the Mirage.  Add even more speed and you will find yourself in a Meridian.  True to Piper’s vision, each aircraft is well-equipped and a pleasure to fly while providing excellent cabin comfort and style for passengers.

Complex and Cabin Class Pipers: Seminole, Navajo, Seneca, Matrix, Mirage, Meridian

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