The Trusty Cessna 182

Friday, March 5, 2021

Working for AirMart is giving me so many opportunities to not only fly but acquire knowledge about different types of aircraft that I have only read about before. During the month of March, I will be making a series of posts and sharing my knowledge about multiple aircraft models. As a low hour pilot, I decided a great place to start would be to discuss in depth one of my personal favorites, the Cessna 182 Skylane. 

I was coming from a very long flight training in a 172 Skyhawk, and a stunning 2004 T182T crossed my path. The Cessna 182 came out as a tricycle gear variant of the 180, and a bulkier version of the Skyhawk. Cessna found that building on its experience had worked in the past, and was able to guarantee an efficient and reliable aircraft. It got me thinking that a 182 Skylane would be the perfect next step for me as I advance to a bigger and faster airplane, especially since there are so many similarities to the 172 Skyhawk. 

The 182 Skylane was first introduced in 1956 and remains one of the most popular General Aviation aircraft to date. The Cessna Skylane is a true four-seater, and has been found to be the perfect aircraft for a “fresh out of flight training” pilot like me, or the “highly experienced airline pilot.” I have found that my favorite part of General Aviation is the ability to share that experience with my friends and family, and it seems that is true with the other GA pilots I have spoken with as well.

I have found from the vintage 1956 to the newer Cessna 182, and all the variants in between, you will experience a comfortable cabin with great interior space, and a great range…making it possible to expand your passenger list and destination opportunities! Take note that the high wings and the tricycle gear design make the 182 a perfect aircraft for those short and rough landing strips. These specific elements would give me the opportunity to go on mountain flying expeditions or a take friends on a relaxing Sunday brunch by a secluded grass strip. I found that I really appreciate the prop clearance on the Skylane as well as the height of the gear, making it easy to keep all the antennas clear of any muddy areas you may come across during your many adventures

In comparison to the Piper Dakota, Piper 100, Archer II, Archer III, and the Cirrus SR22, the Skylane is an easy aircraft to fly. The max cruise speed on a 182 can create the impression of a disadvantage. However, from a younger pilot point of view a slower aircraft with lower stall and landing speeds are qualities that make me feel safer. Another advantage related to the safe design of a Skylane is the low cost to own and maintain.

The options available on the Skylane are fixed or retractable gear, as well as normally aspirated or turbocharged engines. This creates an aircraft that exceeds expectations with great performance, reliability and a phenomenal payload. The turbo option adds a level of complexity, but improvements have been made on this upgrade through the years that bring the maintenance costs and reliability very close to its normally aspirated sibling. That is one of the main reasons this aircraft has held onto its desirability for over a half-century

Julie Pinto
Instrument Rated Pilot 
Logbook & Marketing Coordinator 


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