Traveling with FIKI

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Traveling for the holidays can be stressful (traffic, weather, in-laws, oh my!)  But with general aviation, you can skip the long lines at airport security and fly over grid-locked traffic.  Choosing the right plane for the weather will make your travel plans run as smooth as a de-iced wing.  To make that decision, learn more about FIKI and watch it in action.

"How a TKS System Works" Boldmethod


This Boldmethod article explains the basics:

“A pump (or pumps) forces the fluid from reservoirs through ducting and to the titanium leading edges of the aircraft. The leading edges have thousands of tiny holes drilled in them, which let the fluid drip out at a controlled rate. Air flowing around the aircraft disperses the fluid across the leading edges, and rolls it back across the aircraft's surfaces, coating your plane in a protective film that won't let ice adhere to it.”

Don't get grounded by ice. FIKI certified aircraft can allow you to safely maneuver through icing conditions while you establish your best route to get to your destination.

Having the right equipment is no subsitute for making good weather decisions. Follow all FAA safety and operating procedures.

See the TKS system in action:

This aircraft features FIKI certification:

2009 Cirrus SR22 G3 GTS Turbo

1330 Hours AF&E, Garmin G1000 Perspective, FIKI, Air-Conditioning, GFC700 Autopilot, SVT, Known-Ice Approved, Yaw Dampener, WAAS, Fresh Cirrus Service Center Annual Inspection, No Damage History
Price:  $409,900
Contact:  Grant Sutherlin


This aircraft features a TKS Weeping Wing De-Ice System:

2007 Cirrus SR22 G3 GTS Turbo

1534 TT SNEW, Avidyne Entegra EX5000, TKS Weeping Wing De-Ice System, Factory Air Conditioning, Avidyne DFC90 Digital Autopilot, XM Datalink Weather and Audio, No Damage History

Price:  $299,900
Contact:  Grant Sutherlin