Piper Saratoga N3094R - A Story in Photographs

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Having personally owned 2005 Piper Saratoga N3094R for the past few years, AirMart's Grant and Kim Sutherlin know first-hand how comfortable and versatile the Saratoga is. It’s been a dependable corporate plane and has also taken the Sutherlins to places where unforgetable family memories were made.

Every plane you own writes a new chapter in your life story. Here’s N3094R’s chapter with the Sutherlins in photographs.


Imagine the chapter N3094R can write with you.


Grant pulling N3094R out of one of AirMart’s hangars for a trip to see family in North Carolina.


Taking off in N3094R from KLEX -  AirMart’s home field.


Crossing over the Appalachian Mountains. A regular view from the windows of N3094R.


A cabin comfortable enough for snuggling the smallest of passengers.


The girls excited about another adventure in the sky. Plenty of room for sibling elbows here.


Sunrise on St. Simons Island, GA. Possibly the most memorable trip taken in N3094R.


Grant with his sister, Lisa (and photobomber to the right), getting ready fly to Charleston, SC for a birthday celebration with Grant's parents. Lisa, who is working on her private pilot ticket, sat right seat all the way down. 


Blown away by tropical storm Andrea on Isle of Palms, SC.



The Avidyne Entegra proved useful for a safe arrival in Myrtle Beach. Grant and Kim were “stranded” for two extra days because of this weather. They made the best of it - sitting poolside, of course.


Grant and the girls getting ready to take a Sunday afternoon flight around the patch.


Plenty to smile about with the Saratoga. 


With it's spacious interior, nose baggage compartment, and enough useful load to carry both people AND their luggage, the Piper Saratoga is a terrific fit for a number of G.A. mission profiles. Additionally, N3094R's low time, factory air, and glass cockpit make it an outstanding choice for business and personal use alike. For more information about 2005 Piper Saratoga N3094R, contact Grant Sutherlin or call us at 866-AirMart.

You can see the complete listing for N3094R here.