Partner Spotlight: Mustang Aviation

Thursday, January 9, 2014

One of the most rewarding things we do at AirMart is to find aircraft with excellent upgrade potential, create a vision for them based on what we know our customers want, and then watch that vision become a reality. Of course creating the vision is just the first step. It takes expert craftsmanship and experienced technicians working together as a team to bring a great project to completion.

AirMart's Cessna 340, featured in CNN Films: Sole Survivor is no exception. The Aspen Evolution 2000 which our own Grant Sutherlin demonstrated for the CNN journalists, was installed by Mustang Aviation, an FAA certified avionics repair station on our home field here at LEX. Mustang Aviation is an Authorized Service Center for all major manufacturers, such as Garmin, Aspen and Avidyne. Mustang Aviation has upgraded the avionics in more than 50 airplanes for AirMart with excellent results. Their level of technical expertise and customer service has created a strong partnership between our two companies. 

Here's a before and after shot of the Cessna 340 panel upgraded by Mustang. 


Original Avionics                          Aspen Evolution 2000 Upgrade

You can watch these avionics in action on CNN Films: Sole Survivor which airs tonight at 9pm Eastern Time. 

***Update - January 10, 2014*** The CNN segment in which Grant demonstrated the Cessna 340, was edited from the final version of the film. You can still view the segment and see the 340 in action here.

You can learn more about Mustang Aviation by visiting their website or by calling them directly at 859-255-1902


Owner Robbie Smithers and Installation Specialist Andrew DiMartino of Mustang Aviation in the cockpit of the upgraded Cessna 340 - N340FK.


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