Local Love: The Aviation Museum of Kentucky

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Since a local group of aviation enthusiasts joined together to form the Kentucky Aviation History Roundtable in 1978, members envisioned opening a museum dedicated to aviation.   This dream came into fruition as the Aviation Museum of Kentucky, which opened to the public in August, 1995. 

Today, the Aviation Museum is one of AirMart’s neighbors at Blue Grass Airport (KLEX). The facility has 20,000 square feet of display area, a fully equipped restoration shop, a library/archive as well as a gift shop. The Museum displays older restored aircraft and memorabilia, and also airworthy aircraft.  All of the pieces displayed have a unique and rich history with not only aviation, but also with the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Visitors learn how Kentucky has helped shape the field that has so shaped the world. From aviation innovators, to warbirds, there are an array of different displays that interest a wide audience, especially veterans, students, and fans of general aviation. It is also the home to the official Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame.

The most notable feature of the museum is that each piece was gladly donated to the museum by people looking to share in the Aviation Museums mission; to spread education and excite people about aviation.  Each display comes with a vibrant history and being able to hear these stories is a unique and highly personal way to experience history.  It is possible you may even run into someone visiting the museum who has donated their personal photographs, aircraft, or other memorabilia! The passion, dedication, and commitment that all volunteers, donators, and members have to aviation is truly apparent after even a short visit to the museum.

The museum will be hosting the Aviation Education Expo 2014 to help highlight their mission to educate and excite young people about aviation.  The Expo will be here, at KLEX.  Please click the banner to go to their site for more information. 

Visit the Aviation Museum


Tuesday - Saturday - 10am to 5pm
Sunday 1pm to 5pm

Admission Rates:

Children (0-5 years) and Members - Free
Children/Youth (6-16 years) - $5.00
Adults (17-59 years) - $8.00
Seniors (60+ years) - $6.00
Museum members are always free

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