Giving Guide: JAARS

Friday, December 20, 2013

For 60 years, JAARS has been providing practical, day-to-day support that makes make Bible translation possible—even in the most remote communities on earth.

We focus on five areas:

  • Aviation
    • A quick flight can save days of hiking, driving, or canoeing to a village.
  • Land Transportation
    • Rough roads are much safer when you have the right vehicle and training.
  • Water Transportation
    • In remote waters, a better boat and safety gear can help teams stay safe.
  • Information Technology
    • Computers, software, Internet, solar power: Bible translation relies on them every day.
  • Media
    • Audio, video, and other media are often the best way for people to experience God’s Word.

JAARS believes that Bible translation is about giving people the best resource for knowing God—in a language that speaks to their minds and hearts. Translation impacts people in many ways, and it looks different for every community, wherever that community can be found.


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