Aviation Education Expo 2014: Event Recap

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last week, AirMart had the honor of being one of the sponsors of the Aviation Museum of Kentucky’s Aviation Education Expo.  The Expo was held at Lexington’s Blue Grass Airport; the first event of this kind held here since 1994. 
The weekend was kicked off on Friday with sales manager, Jeff Ray being given the incredible opportunity to ride the B-17 as it made its way from Clark County Regional Airport to Lexington to be displayed.

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Brooke was a great helper!Overcast skies Saturday morning had the AirMart team a bit concerned as they prepared for the Expo.  With many great helpers alongside the staff, the planes were positioned and the display tent was set up in preparation for the Aviation Education Expo to begin.  Warm coffee was sipped from local food trucks as we waited in anticipation for what we could only hope would be a great turn out.  Not only would the exposure be great for AirMart, the Aviation Museum, and the Airport, it was also a huge opportunity to share aviation and aviation education with the public.  Fortunately, Kentucky is not afraid of getting a little wet!  There was a steady flow of people all morning, which only increased as the weather improved.  We were visited by families, students, and all sorts of people from counties throughout Kentucky, all eager to see displays like the B-17 and other vintage aircraft, NASA, as well as representatives from various educational providers.


Throughout the day, people stopped by to view the Piper Saratoga and Cessna T206H AirMart had on display.  Grant, Tom, Erik, and Jeff were able to show our aircraft and answer any questions people had regarding the planes.  Some stepped into the tent to learn more about AirMart and receive a pair of AirMart shades (and take shelter from the torrential downpours).

While picking up some goodies from our tent, AirMart representatives were able to meet and talk with inspiring people- including a young girl interested in becoming pilot.  Her family was not familiar with general aviation, so they came to the Expo to learn more about the industry.  AirMart was able to refer some great organizations that cater to young aviators, and to groups who aid women looking to enter aviation, many of which have been mentioned in AirMart's Blog.  There was also an opportunity to speak with a retired military member who had logged some hours while on duty, but was unsure about continuing to complete his pilot’s license.  AirMart was able to recommend some programs in the region and refer him to the higher education representatives who also had displays just moments from the AirMart tent.  Grant was also able to demonstrate the multitude of careers paths available to him, if he earned a pilot’s license.  These encounters were invaluable.  AirMart is proud to be knowledgeable in not just aircraft sales, but also in aviation.  We are a company of pilots working for pilots.  We love to see the industry grow and develop and are thankful to be able to be a part of it!




Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make the Expo happen!  We cannot wait for the next event (fingers crossed for less rain, though!)