Aviation Education Expo 2014: EKU's Aviation Program - Taking Higher Education to New Heights

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why is aviation education important to AirMart?

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B. King

Aviation education is important to our industry not only because it brings new customers into the market as pilots, it is so much more.  Aviation education shapes the world we live in. From mechanics and the technical engineers, to pilots and avionics developers, aviation is an industry bursting with innovation.  In just over 100 years aviation has gone from the first fixed wing, powered aircraft created by bicycle mechanics, to airliners, drones, and space travel.  AirMart is fortunate to be able to experience some of these steps towards advancement right in our backyard.  Kentucky is home to a wealth of development in the field of aviation.

AirMart is proud to be sponsoring the Aviation Museum of Kentucky's Aviation Education Expo on August 9-10, 2014 at the Blue Grass Airport (KLEX).  In honor of this event we are featuring notable aviation education opportunities from entry-level programs like EAA Young Eagles which give young people the taste of flight to higher education programs that take the dream of aviation to career-level status. We'll also feature a personal interview with AirMart Sales Manager, Erik Warstler, who earned his Aviation Management degree from the Florida Institute of Technology. 

We hope you'll learn a few things as we count down to the Aviation Education Expo on August 9th and 10th. We'd love to see you there. For more information about the Aviation Education Expo, visit: http://aex2014.com/


Eastern Kentucky University

Visit aviation.eku.edu to learn more

image of statue

EKU student photographer Mishari Aldiab, http://www.eku.edu/photo/midsummer-night

Aviation Programs at EKU

EKU provides a Bachelor of Science degree with concentrations in Professional Flight, Aerospace Management, or Aerospace Technology.  Students graduate the program prepared for all facets of professional aerospace and aviation industries including piloting, flight instruction, aviation management, and aerospace technology.  In addition to a general aviation core, aviation students are required to take supporting courses in mathematics, statistics, physics, and business management.


Aviation Community

EKU works hard to provide a community that allows students to develop and learn to their full potential.  Some specialized resources available to aviation students include:

  • Eastern Kentucky University’s student chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE):  Seeks to promote professional development and instill professional attitudes in students studying airport development, administration, management, and operation, and related fields of aviation.
    •  All EKU students are invited to become members. As the world’s largest professional organization for airport executives, the AAAE represents thousands of management personnel at public-use airports nationwide and helps these professionals fulfill their responsibilities to a variety of airport and community constituencies. For more on the EKU Student Chapter of AAAE, contact EKU Aviation.
  • EKU Aviation students may live in preferred housing called “The Flight Deck” enjoy weekend activities, study sessions, and adventures worth sharing with fellow aviators. The advantages: endless, the cost: minimal, the experience: priceless. See EKU Housing for details.

For Veterans

EKU has a proud heritage of serving veterans since World War II.  Post 9-11 GI Bill beneficiaries can earn their Aviation degree from EKU, and all flight fees, tuition, flight fees, BAH, and textbook stipends are covered for qualified students. EKU offers all Post 9-11 GI Bill eligible beneficiaries in-state tuition.  For more on GI Bill benefits visit: www.gibill.va.gov


“The Campus Beautiful”

Not only does EKU have an outstanding aviation program, it also has a beautiful campus located in Richmond, Kentucky.  The campus was designed to inspire critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and effective communication.  To enhance the total academic experience, EKU provides enrichment opportunities beyond the classroom, including:

  • The award-winning Noel Studio for Academic Creativity – a dynamic learning center offering individual and small group space equipped with recording capabilities, whiteboards, and assistance with oral and written presentations.
  • The Center for Renewable and Alternative Fuel Technologies (CRAFT) – an interdisciplinary program fostering the development of a regional biofuels industry. Currently, students in chemistry, agriculture, biology, environmental sciences and economics participate in hands-on research at the center.
  • The EKU Center for the Arts – a premier arts and entertainment venue in Central Kentucky showcasing well-known popular performers and groups such as Tony Bennett, Celtic Woman, STOMP, and numerous other musicals, plays and classical performances.